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About the Bars

MOOD Bars are formulated to support women through the twists and turns of their hormonal life.

While the menstrual cycle causes a hormonal roller coaster every month, MOOD Bars empower women to keep things balanced. MOOD Bars are formulated to support female physiology —creating a quick and accessible solution for women on the move. No one knows your body like you do, so nourish it accordingly.


This bar is geared towards women who need to improve energy, focus, and well-being. Many women need to replenish iron lost during menstruation. In addition to iron, The Nourish Bar includes natural nutrients that support the production of estrogen.* Estrogen is essential for a woman’s reproductive system, bone density, metabolism and more. As such, The Nourish Bar is ideal during the follicular phase, or the two weeks prior to ovulation. 

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The Soothe Bar is geared towards women who feel on edge, anxious, irritable and tired due to poor sleep for up to two weeks prior to menses during the luteal phase. This bar includes calming botanicals designed to help the body boost production of progesterone, and balance the ratio of estrogen to progesterone. It will help women relax and return back to their baseline, especially for those who suffer from an anxious form of PMS.*

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The Awaken Bar is geared toward women who feel fatigue, lethargy, low energy, or mental fogginess. It contains natural caffeine to give a healthy boost without feeling buzzy.

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No woman wants to feel like her life is being dictated by hormone shifts.

The focus of each bar is to respond adequately to the normal physiological changes that occur with each menstrual cycle. Every bar is made without fillers or artificial sweeteners. Our approach is backed by research that best supports hormonal health throughout the phases of the menstrual cycle and the changes a woman faces throughout her life. Moreover, the ingredients are sourced from whole foods: each bar is plant-based, vegan, Non-GMO, and includes ingredients that help to balance out a woman’s mood.*

*When paired with a healthy diet and active lifestyle

Meet the Founder

Dr. Carly Snyder

Dr. Carly Snyder is a reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist with a unique approach, combining traditional psychiatry with integrative medicine-based treatments. Working with women throughout all the stages of the reproductive life cycle, Carly has a keen and detailed understanding of hormone changes and resultant mood fluctuations. In formulating MOOD bars, Carly has been advised and supported by the most knowledgeable and well trained nutritionists, functional medicine physicians, fertility doctors, OBGYNs and endocrinologists in the business. Additionally, through extensive and immersive functional medicine training, Carly is well versed in how the body can heal itself by using food as fuel.

Having varying moods throughout the month is normal and healthy, but feeling out of control is avoidable.

"MOOD bars are heavily inspired by my female patients, all of whom strive to feel better physically, and emotionally. Women are in a constant struggle with ongoing emotional and physical changes, allowing their hormones to dictate how they feel. Having varying moods throughout the month is normal and healthy, but feeling out of control is avoidable.

As a vegan, and a woman on the go, it was all but impossible for me to find a nutritional bar that wasn’t packed with salt and excessive calories. The bar market is considered ‘saturated,’ yet there were no bars, geared specifically to women, made of whole foods. A vegan bar was in theory, the perfect option, but it didn’t exist. So, I decided to make one myself! Mood Bars provides a nutritional, on-the-go option, that will help women take control of their bodies and their minds."

- Dr. Carly Snyder

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